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15 Aug 2022 06:00PM - 08:00PM Community Dinner
30 Aug 2022 07:00PM - 08:00PM Firemen's



KCHC would like to thank everyone

           who helped make the 50th

              Snake Hunt so successful.



Wheelbarrow: Malm Riggle

Rip Ticket: Brittany Reitler


  List of each prize Winner on the $5000 Ticket:

             Kathy Lovett, Gladen Maust, Fred Cline, Joshua Hoerner,

                             Mike Hosler, and James Moser


   List of each prize Winner on the $10,000 Ticket:

             Mike Weaver, Camp Team Green Bear, Carole McAllister,

                Donnie McMinn, Jeff-Joe-Dave-Jake, Forest Fleming & Dave Belles,

                Cheryl Main, Charles Coales, and Amanda Huff


    Reptile Winners: Lgst Rattlesnake: Phil Ocker  50.5"  4lb 7oz and

                                 Heaviest Black Phase

       Heaviest Yellow Phase:  Bow Spoonhour  3lb 8oz

       2nd Lgst Rattlesnake:  Joseph Dress 50"  3lb 12oz   

       Lgst Copperhead:  Donna Kine 35"  1lb  2oz and Heaviest Copperhead

       2nd Lgst Copperhead: Nick Petrole 34"  11oz, 

       Lgst Non Venomous:  Jim Finnegan IV 75"  2lb 14oz and

                                                 Heaviest Non Venomous                                                            Most Rattles: Ryan Dunnigan 15 Rattles, 

      Prettiest Rattlesnake: Hayden Howser  Yellow 49 1/2", 

      Ultimate Snake Hunter:  Brittany Lowin  7 species.

        Steve Gallager Memorial: 

                  Wade Grohm  47 1/2",  3lb 6oz

                        Jessica Cormichael  52:  3lb 6oz


   Parade Winners:  Best Appearing Engine or Tanker:  Engine 19 - 2

                                  Best Appearing Mini or Rescue:  Squad 29

                                  Best Appearing Fire Truck:  Utility 27

                                  Judges Trophy:  Engine 28










  Fire Company Calls 2022

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
  11   10  12 18  21  28              100


  Fire Company Calls 2021

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
   3  9  12 16  10 19  24  20  19 15  10  161